See the Bigger Picture

See the Bigger Picture

Consult a litigation evaluation attorney based in New York, NY

Is your business currently being threatened with legal action? These situations, no matter how simple they may appear at first, are often extremely delicate, requiring experienced legal counsel. To make confident, informed decisions on how to proceed, contact the Law Offices of Laura A Brevetti today. Your dedicated litigation evaluation attorney will help you formulate an effective legal strategy.

Attorney Brevetti is based in New York, NY. She can work alone or with your existing counsel, providing a detailed litigation evaluation and defense strategy. She has over 25 years of experience as a trusted litigation evaluation attorney, working with corporations around the globe.

Call today to discuss the details of your impending lawsuit.

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As a former federal top prosecutor, Ms. Brevetti has an in-depth knowledge of legal strategies employed from both sides. This makes her an invaluable resource for any corporation facing a threat of litigation or an impending lawsuit. Attorney Brevetti is a lawyer of distinction and recognized as one of New York's top lawyers.

Rely on her for thorough litigation evaluation and defense.