Resolve Internal Conflicts With Dedicated Legal Support

Resolve Internal Conflicts With Dedicated Legal Support

Rely on us for corporate counsel services in the New York, NY area

It’s common for businesses of all sizes to face compliance issues, contract disputes and accusations of employment law violations. It’s within your best interest to deal with these internal issues quickly and quietly, before they can grow into much larger concerns. Contact the Law Offices of Laura A Brevetti to gain an outside perspective with corporate counsel services.

Attorney Brevetti has decades of experience acting as both an outside lawyer and in-house General Counsel to an NYSE-traded international corporation.  As your corporate counsel attorney, she can help you navigate:

  • Whistleblower complaints
  • FCPA violations
  • Criminal accusations
  • Employment or civil law violations
  • Compliance issues

Call today to discuss your specific needs with an experienced corporate counsel attorney in New York, NY.

Protecting your business's bottom line

If a legal issue arises in your company, the steps you take early on will make all the difference. From internal investigations to compliance training and media consulting, Laura A Brevetti will handle it all. She'll also help you design and implement safeguards to ensure your company can move forward with the best practices and procedures.

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